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Dragon magazine 408 was published in February 2012.

Contents Edit

History Check: Corellon and Gruumsh Edit

By Jeff LaSala. Illustrated by Wayne Reynolds.

This article gives a summary of the animosity between the core versions of Corellon and Gruumsh.[template]

Elemental Patrons and Palaces Edit

By Claudio Pozas. Illustrated by Noah Bradley.

This article gives players several tips on how to role-play a character who worships one of the powerful immortal creatures of the Elemental Chaos. It describes four such beings: Kristobal, Zephyria, Fumeran, and Lureq.[template]

Making Race Count, Part 3 Edit

By Matt Sernett and Robert J. Schwalb. Illustrated by Raven Mimura, William O'Connor, and Chris Seaman.

This article gives several new spells available to dragonborn, half-orc, and tiefling characters.[template]

Spells Edit

Character Themes: Reborn from Chaos Edit

By Matt Goetz. Illustrations by Chris Seaman and Scott Murphy.

This article describes several themes available for characters whose origins begin in the Elemental Chaos.[template]

Spells Edit

The Enchanted Painting of Manyshields Hall Edit

By Ed Greenwood. Illustrated by Chris Seaman.

This article describes the plight of Malthus Traganther and a powerful deepspawn who has magically been transformed into a painting.[template]

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Treasures of the Elemental Chaos Edit

By Michael H. Haneline. Illustrated by Patrick McEvoy.

This article describes several items which originated in the Elemental Chaos.[template]

Items Edit

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