The dragonheirs, formerly known as dragonmasters, were an Abeiran human bloodline who had been granted the power to control dragons by the primordials.[1][2]


Dragonheirs had the ability to control dragons by gaze, voice, or touch. A few legends told that the most powerful dragonheirs could harm dragons by gaze or by touch, as well. A dragon affected by the powers of a dragonheir was forced to flee to a remote place and sink into a deep torpor.[1]


The original dragonmasters were the roost masters of the primordials, humans charged to keep their dragon steeds in check.[2] After the dragons defeated the primordials, they began to systematically kill any known dragonmaster, until only a few individuals remained.[1]

The most prominent surviving heirs of the dragonmasters, called dragonheirs in modern times, were those of the Arkeld, Horndragon, Marlserpent, and Relguld clans.[1] The dragons also purged any dragonheir they knew about, and eventually they exterminated the Horndragon and Marlserpent bloodlines, while leaving only a few survivors of the Arkeld and Relguld clans.[1][2]

Notable Members Edit

The only known dragonheirs were human natives from the Sword Lands in Laerakond.[1]





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