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The Dragonsword Mountains, located in central Mulhorand, served as a barrier between the Plains of Purple Dust and the rest of the nation.[1]


The Dragonsword Mountains were considered impassable by the people of Mulhorand, and as a result remained largely unexplored. They protected the populated regions of the nation from the storms of the Plains of Purple Dust.[1]


The inhabitants of the Dragonsword Mountains long plagued the nation of Mulhorand, and included a number of dracosphinxes as well as the descendants of the wizard Nezram. This mountain range was also known to contain the lair of the blue dragon Gestaniius.[1]

Notable IndividualsEdit

Places of InterestEdit

  • Tomb of Horuseres II: This tomb, carved from the stone of the Dragonswords itself, was heavily protected and was never looted.[1]


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