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The Dragonwall was a giant wall located on the eastern edge of the Quoya Desert along the border with Shou Lung in Kara-Tur.[1]


Thousands of miles long, the wall was built with brick and stone. The spirit of the dragon Pao Hu Jen inhabited the wall, making it invulnerable to anything but magical siege weaponry.[2]

The dragon's spirit could be freed through sacrifice. When freed, the wall crumbled and had to be rebuilt. The dragon could be talked with if the proper communication magic was used.[1]

The wall was protected by a large number of men and fortifications, along with infrequent patrols. A one-man guard tower with a signal fire was placed every mile, every 10 miles was a blockhouse with 100 men, and every 50 miles was a gate house with 1,000 men. Most of these men were poorly trained, and corruptly led, as the strength of the dragon wall had lulled Shou Lung into believing they were invulnerable.[2]


The Dragonwall was breached by the Tuigan Horde in 1359 DR near Lo Tu. The Tuigan armies were then able to march into Ching Tung in Shou Lung.[3]





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