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Dralpur was a mining city of 8000 people in the kingdom of Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn.[1]


It was located on the eastern slopes of the Galuil Mountains, known locally as the Mountains of Gold. This relative altitude made it the coolest inland city in the kingdom.[1]

It stood at the northern end of Barbarians' Road, which formed the border between the realm and the barbarian lands of the east,[2]


As well as being a mining city working the Mountains of Gold, Dralpur was also home to many craftsmen. The city's smithies produced all manner of farming tools, which were supplied to the eastern mingari farms of Ulgarth. Weavers here produced silk and textiles, which, although they could not compete with Durparian products, met the everyday needs of Ulgarthan folk.[1]


Dralpur was governed by Baron Kevin Olwynson around 1367 DR.[1]


A small but talented force of 500 warriors protected the city. Olwynson secured their loyalty and skills by paying them well with gold.[1]



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