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King Drasna Bluemantle, also known as Drasna the Fortunate was a human paladin of Torm and the ruler of the kingdom of Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn in the mid-to-late 14th century DR. He ruled from the city of Orvyltar.[1][2]


Although he was the son of the king, Drasna spent his early years as an adventurer. Thanks to his luckblade and stone of good luck, he was able to win against odds that should have felled him, and slew many monsters. For this, he earned the moniker "the Fortunate".[1]

Settling down, he ascended the throne and was king before 1367 DR.[1]

Drasna was still king by 1373 DR.[2]


Once he'd become king, Drasna was very serious about his role and dedicated to being a good king. He was a firm believer in no one being denied the king's justice,[1] and was merciful in making judgements.[3]


Drasna wielded a +1 luckblade broadsword and carried a stone of good luck, which both granted him great fortune.[1]


As king, Drasna dwelled in the capital city, Orvyltar,[1] where he held extensive estates.[1][2]


King Drasna toured the realm regularly, visiting each city once a year at least. He also officiated at grand ceremonies where he knighted the worthy. He would give his judgment to any who asked for it.[1] He wished to keep his subjects satisfied with the kingdom's justice system and had no plans to change it.[3]

Drasna maintained his father's non-aggression policy toward Durpar.[4]

Drasna was highly popular with his subjects, who as a result believed completely in the kingdom's feudal system.[1]


Drasna was apparently good friends with a mage of Halruaa, who enchanted the ballistae that defended Orvyltar's harbor. The mage expected to receive a gift of several jars of mingari from Drasna on a later visit.[5]



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