Dread fangs, sometimes called dread fangs of Lolth are elite warriors of drow society, trained as rogues, typically in the service of a noble house or the Spider Queen. Cunning and deceptive, dread fangs embody the treacherous perils of drow society, though a few leave the terrors of their homeland for something better, becoming forces for good or at the very least opposed to Lolth's machinations. Masters of death, dread fangs excel at lowering their enemy's guard, and then, while they're defenseless, striking them down.[1]


The drow are infamous for the death that infests their society, murdering to get to the top or even to keep the position they hold. Feared and hated, the drow are well-known as slavers and servants of Lolth and her demonic servitors. However, the cruelty does not end with divine and arcane power and for the ambitious there is a path to power through skill with a blade and among the deadliest warriors of drow society are the so-called dread fangs.[1]

These deadly warriors, rather than fearing death, embrace it, learning to excel at killing from an early age. Masters of the unique blade and crossbow style used by many rogues, dread fangs use their deadly skills to rise through the ranks of drow society. As a result of their harsh upbringing, dread fangs are exceptionally deadly, aiming to kill as quickly as possible. Dread fangs leave the sadism and cruelty to other drow, preferring to finish the job with as little risk as allowed.[1]

Though the majority of dread fangs, as with all drow, are evil denizens of the Underdark a few break away from this path. Realizing the shallow depths of drow cruelty and Lolth's commands, these dread fangs abandon their role in society to become estranged wanderers. Their careers requiring a degree of emotional detachment, few dread fangs so exiled regret their passing from drow society, instead plowing onwards to become incarnations of death whose skills exceed the potential of most.[1]


Dread fang emphasizes a combination of stealth and deadliness over anything else, the combination being exceptionally effective. Early initiates of the path combine these two qualities to perform deadly sneak attacks, striking more lethal blows and capable of performing these attacks more often. Experienced dread fangs rarely, if ever, lose their focus in battle and well leap from a fallen foe to a standing one with ease, never losing momentum in their strikes.[1]

Dread fang exploits depend likewise upon precision, as well as the use of the dread fang's specialized combat style of wielding a crossbow and light blade together. Fang and web strike is a basic but flashy technique of this sort, allowing a dread fang to attack with their blade and crossbow at once. Venomous sting is more advanced, but is also more deadly, infecting a dread fang's foe with deadly poison.[1]


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