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The Dreadmaster is a special prestige class for clerics of Bane. Much like the god whom they worship, Dreadmasters seek to control everyone around them, using the tools offered by Bane to inspire fear and loyalty in equal measure. Dreadmasters seek to reach the heights of any government or organization they are part of, believing that only they are capable of the control required to keep order.[1]


Dominating Aura
A Dreadmaster possesses an overwhelming presence that intimidates others into submitting to his will.[1]
Fanatical Loyalty
A Dreadmaster's charisma and raw power inspire others to commit themselves utterly to the Dreadmaster's will. They are willing to go to extreme lengths to please their Dreadmaster lord.[2]
Special Cohort
A Dreadmaster can form a connection with a powerful magical being who is drawn to his personality.[2]


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