Yvonnel Baenre making use of a driftdisc

A Driftdisc is a form of transport used by drow noble houses to convey Matron Mothers from place to place, usually within cities. They are especially used during special occasions, such as a visit to another noble household. Driftdiscs usually operate as an enchanted platform that magically hovers above ground, and serves as a portable throne; Matron Mothers use them to signify their station in drow society. They can take the form of either enchanted physical objects, such as a stone disc mounted with an ivory throne, or a corporeal magical force, which appears as a shimmering blue disc. Yvonnel Baenre used a Driftdisc while travelling to Mithral Hall with the army of Menzoberranzan, suggesting that they can be used for travel over extended distances. The Driftdisc is also used by wizards, due to their ability to craft them, not just Matron Mothers.

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