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A driftglobe was a small glass orb that magically floated in the air and emitted light.


A driftglobe was a small sphere of thick glass, that weighed about one pound (0.45 kg).[1]


The most common driftglobes had three basic magical effects. They glowed with bright light, equal to a torch, as per the cantrip light, on command. They could also glow with the brightness of full daylight, as per the spell daylight for an hour at a time, though use of this ability was limited to a number of charges before being used up. Lastly, the driftglobe floated in the air, as per the magical spell levitate. A driftglobe could also follow a creature that touched it, similar to the disk created by Tenser's floating disk.[1]


Driftglobes date back at least to the time of Cormanthyr at its height and were seen lighting up the night in Myth Drannor.[2] The arcanist Congenio Ioun created the first light-emitting ioun stones sometime in the age of Netheril but these were personal items that remained near their owner.[3] Driftglobes could be found in use across the modern Realms, as well as in dungeons and ruins.[1]


Driftglobes were quite easy to make, and the process was well known. A caster needed little more than a glass globe and the ability to cast daylight and Tenser's floating disk.[1]


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