Drounan Harbrand was a businessman in Suzail.[1]


Drounan was one of the two surviving leaders of Thurbrand and Arley, Wendra of the Willing Whips, and Splendors of the Shining Sea Importations, which was situated in poor quarters of Suzail.[1]


Around 1480 DR, Drounan and his partner Andarphisk Hawkspike were paid by Lady Dawningdown to go to the remote and secret prison stronghold of Castle Irlingstar in the Thunder Peaks on the eastern border of Cormyr to free Jeresson Dawningdown. In truth they planned to double-crossed Lady Dawningdown and asked a ransom for her son and escapes in Sembia.

However arrived at the Castle they were pursued by a black dragon and refuged inside meeting Gelnur Farland, Arclath Delcastle, Amarune Whitewave, Duth Gulkanun and Imbrult Longclaws.

Later Elminster Aumar, possessing the body of a drow priestess and posing as a War Wizard of Cormyr, introduced himself to them.

Harbrand and Hawkspike managed to escape from the castle but met Alorglauvenemaus.

They decided to collaborate with him.

However after a skirmish with Elminster's party Harbrand and Hawkspike on surprise found themselves again in their office in Suzail.[1]


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