Drow wanderers are skilled drow who have eschewed their race's traditions to wander the depths of the Underdark. These unusual drow may be either good or evil but cast aside the way of their people to seek freedom in the darkness. Solitary and alone, these individuals must hone themselves to excellence in order to survive the many terrors that are common below the surface world.[1]


For most who wander the dark caverns within the Underdark it is a horrific and forbidding place, filled with unspeakable monstrosities and deadly horrors. Even most drow are unwilling to negotiate the twisting maze of tunnels to seek only certain death making drow wanderers, who not only live but indeed thrive in the Underdark, extremely abnormal but valuable individuals. Part of this skill comes from untapping the heritage of their race, turning the curse that ensnares their race into a strange blessing that gives them a special affinity for the pervading darkness of the world below. More importantly, however, is the special care that drow wanderers take to train their pathfinding abilities, which allows them to navigate the Underdark with relative ease.[1]


Drow wanderers can acquire their skills from a variety of sources and can come from as diverse backgrounds as clerics, fighters, or wizards, united solely by their race, their ability to survive the Underdark, and their rejection of Lolth and her ilk. As such a drow wanderer may charge their abilities with arcane or divine power, among other sources. Or the drow wanderer may simply be an unusually skilled warrior with an uncanny knowledge of underground locations.[1]

However, all drow wanderers display some supernatural abilities, many of which draw on the supernatural abilities of the drow race. For instance, drow wanderers take advantage of those struck with their innate darkfire ability to deal more lethality with their attacks. Similarly, drow wanderers have an uncanny sense for the stones around them, giving them an edge on most races, to whom the underground world is strange and alien. They also have more mundane skills and are expert ambushers.[1]

This multitude of abilities lends itself well to a drow wanderer's methodology of survival. Darkblade takes advantage of the cloud of darkness ability common amongst drow, allowing drow wanderers to fuse their weapons with the spell-like ability, temporarily blinding their enemy as well as injuring them. Drow wanderer powers are not purely offensive however and in an inverse fashion, strength in darkness allows the outcast drow to heal themselves through the power of shadow.[1]


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