Druarwood was a forest west of Cold Wood and northeast of the Moonwood in the Silver Marches.[2]

Description Edit

The forest was sparse and narrow, full of pine, spruce firs and conifers. As the hills approached the mountains, the forest gave way to the scrub and heaths that were arid and cold, in which there were looming glaciers and peaks.

Druarwood had a bad reputation as a place always being raided by orcs, giants, and other dangerous creatures. That fame was wholly deserved. Frost giants and hill giants descended into the forest looking for wild game, timber, and forage. Druarwood was also known for rothé, dire bears, and dire wolverines; these latter creatures were so evil that even giants kept away from them.[2]


The wood was also the water source of River Redrun.[3]

Notable locationsEdit



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