Druth Daern was a lich in Myth Drannor in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


During the Weeping War, Druth was a human archmage living in Myth Drannor. He was prepared to turn himself into a lich when the city fell to the Army of Darkness. He hid and later sacked the ruined city of many magic items. Later, Druth cast the spell to became a lich but somehow the mythal influenced his transformation, granting him more powers than was usual for a lich.

From that day, he fought baatezu and alhoon for control of the city.[1]


Druth directed an army of skeletons and zombies.[1] He also posed as the fictional Ssharstrune goddess, directing the local nagara in fighting the local phaerimm.[2]


Druth's unique power was that, after the destruction of his body, he could possess any kind of undead to become his new host, giving him a virtually infinite possibility for resurrection. His phylactery was keep safe far from Myth Drannor. He was also protected from the psionic attacks of the alhoon by his insane mind.[1]



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