The duelist is a prestige class that focuses on quick, nimble feet and a good eye at striking with a light, one handed weapon. Often referred to as "swashbucklers", duelists use their speed and coordination in a deadly blend with their intelligence to become capable fighters who prefer to avoid getting hit instead of drawing upon their resilience to take the blows and keep on standing.

Duelists prefer to wander the Realms alone, though the odd duelist enjoys joining the adventuring party and forming long lasting friendships. A party of duelists is a dangerous thing, each having trained to be a part of an uncannily efficient group that can provide a serious challenge to potentially more dangerous individuals.

Any class can gain levels of duelist, which can aid spellcasters in their melee skill and complement the abilities of the combat classes.

Abilities Edit

Acrobatic Charge
A duelist can use her agility to charge across terrains that other fighters would find impossible. Chairs, tables, stairs, swinging on a candelbra; all are useful to a duelist who needs to get to the enemy as quickly as possible.
Elaborate Parry
A duelist can use his uncanny coordination to create a wall of flashing steel, making it incredibly difficult for an enemy's blade to slip through. As the duelist's skill increases, this blur becomes even faster and more effective.
Deflect Arrows
An experienced duelist has such control over his or her weapon that he or she can strike at arrows aimed at him or her.

References Edit

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