The Dukars were a kind of unique Serôsian specialist wizard who used coral implants to channel their magic. Their goal was the protection of Serôs from all kinds of menaces and to promote peace and harmony between all races.[1]


The dukars were divided into five orders, Nantari Jhimar, Kupav, Maalirn and Numos.[2] Furthermore, two different dukar's paths existed: the lorekeeper and the peacekeeper.[1]

The order of Nantari was destroyed from early fighting from the other orders[3] and the order of Jhimar died out before the 1370s DR.[2]


An early form of dukars existed among the Elven high mages in Cormanthor, but they evolved further after migrating to Seros. The true dukars were founded by the triton Dukar, the near-mythical first Grand Master and teacher of the Four Founders, during the early days of ancient Aryselmalyr. After 8,000 years they surveyed the peace and harmony of the Serôs, gathering in their ranks beings of many races, including whales, dolphins, storm giants, and even koalinth and ixitxachitl. However, internal strife emerged among the dukars and they fought among themselves until they disappeared around 600 years ago. In truth a small group of dukars survived until 1369 DR and revealed themselves again during the Twelfth Serôs War.[1]

By that point they were nearly forgotten. Out of the four orders, Jhimar was already gone, and the entire order's number was dwindling away. While they did try to gain new recruits to avert dying out,[2] the organization had problems to stay alive in the face of enemy attacks.[4]



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