Dulbiir's was an unusual, but popular, shop in Arabel, Cormyr, as of 1368 DR.[1] Urtos Dulbiir, the owner of the shop, lent his name to the building.[1]


Dulbiir's cornered the market on renting out costumes to their clientele. These costumes ranged anywhere from simple slave rags to elaborate clerical garments and everything in between. Clients could even rent costumed escorts, also provided by Urtos, to accompany them to the ballrooms or other festivals in Arabel.[1]

Many of Urtos's clients came to his shop specifically to witness the "playacting", either as active participants or to view the spectacles anonymously from behind magical shadow-screened rooms. Playacting consisted of roleplaying by the costumed clients and could be quite entertaining for all. Urtos charged 5 gold pieces per hour, plus the cost of drinks, for voyeurs to watch others perform this spectacle.[1]




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