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Dumathoin, pronounced (doo-muh-thoe-in), was the patron of Shield dwarves, and the dwarven deity of mining and underground exploration and was known as the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain. He was also the protector of the dwarven dead. His holy symbol was a cut, faceted gem inside a mountain.


Dumathoin's clerics, known as the talhund ("hidden gifts"), protected mines from disrespectful profiteers as well as sought out new veins and gem deposits. They also supervised all mining activities to ensure that the proper respect was paid to the mountain and produced new stratagem and combat techniques for fighting the many Underdark creatures exhumed during excavation.[citation needed]

Dumathoin is said to have specially blessed the urdunnir dwarves, and provided them with the gems they need to live.[1]


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