Duncan was a male wood elf of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.


Duncan appearance

Duncan's appearance

Duncan was a wood elf, who wore simple clothes with an apron. It was often that he had stains of drinks and food on his tunic.


Duncan was Daeghun's half-brother and a former adventurer (whose friends were gone). After the King of Shadows was defeated during the battle at West Harbor, they found two silver shards and had Sand examine them. Sand found nothing much about them, so Daeghun and Duncan split the shards and kept them.

Some time after, Duncan found Bishop in a village consumed by a fire Bishop had started. In exchange for a favor, Duncan healed Bishop (who held grudge), else Duncan would spread stories about what truly happened in the village.[1]


The Kalach-Cha had to visit Duncan at his inn to learn more about the shards. Sand came and after another examination of the shards, directed the Kalach-Cha to Aldanon, a sage of Blacklake. Meanwhile, Duncan let the Kalach-Cha and companions rest at his inn.[1]



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