Dungeon Hack is a computer game released in 1993. It was developed by DreamForge Intertainment and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. for MS-DOS and NEC PC-9801.


An adventurer is sent by an evil sorceress on a mission to find and retrieve a mysterious magical orb located within an ancient dungeon.


Strategic Simulations, Inc. claimed that "over 4 billion" different dungeons were possible.[1] Dungeon Hack uses the rules mechanics of AD&D 2nd Edition. Permadeath is an option.

The game features a pseudo-3D game screen based on Eye of the Beholder series. Since dungeons are randomly generated whenever a new game is started, virtually no two dungeons generated by the game are identical. Players can play identical dungeons by sharing "dungeon seed" codes that are generated by the game.



AnkhegBansheeBlue DragonBone NagaBugbearCarrion CrawlerChimeraCockatriceDeath KnightDwarfEarth ElementalElfEttinFeyrGargoyleGhoulGnomeGoblinGrave MistFlesh GolemHagHalf-ElfHalflingHobgoblinMeazelMedusaMinotaurMummyspirit NagaOgre SlugOrcOrogOtyughScaladarShadeShadowShambling MoundSheet GhoulSlithermorphSpecterSteel ShadowSwordwraithTlincalliTroglodyteTrollTrollWatchghostWater ElementalWater WeirdWereratWightWraithWraithXill


Abi-Dalzim's Horrid WiltingAcid StormAganazzar's ScorcherAidArmorBigby's Clenched FistBlessBlessed WarmthBlurBurning HandsCause Critical WoundsCause Light WoundsCause Serious WoundsChill TouchCone of ColdCreate Food and WaterCure Critical WoundsCure Light WoundsCure Serious WoundsDeath SpellDetect InvisibilityDetect MagicDetect PitsDetect UndeadDisintegrateDispel MagicEnergy DrainFearFinger of DeathFireballFire StormFlame BladeFlame StrikeFlesh to StoneFree ActionHarmHasteHealHold MonsterHold PersonHold UndeadIce StormIlyykur's MantleInvisibilityInvisibility To UndeadImproved IdentifyLich TouchLightning BoltMagic MissileMagical VestmentMelf's Acid ArrowMeteor SwarmMissile MasteryMordenkainen's SwordNegative Plane ProtectionNeutralize PoisonOtiluke's Freezing SpherePoisonPrayerProtection from EvilProtection from FireProtection from ParalysisRemove CurseRemove ParalysisResist ColdResist FireRestorationShieldShocking GraspSlay LivingSlowSlow PoisonSnilloc's Major MissileSnilloc's SnowballSol's Searing OrbSpiritual HammerTime StopTrue SeeingVampiric TouchWall Of ForceWater Breathing



Game CreditsEdit

  • Producer: James Namestka[2]
  • Programming: Thomas Holmes[2]
  • Design: Thomas Holmes, Chris Straka[2]
  • Art: Jane Yeager, Jon Grayson, Frank Schurter, Robert C. Taylor, Lynn Helfferich[2]

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