Dungeon magazine 137 was released in August 2006.


Man ForeverEdit

By Jason Nelson-Brown. Illustrated by Udon, with Scott Hepburn, Dax Gordine and Christine Choi. Cartography by Robert Lazzaretti.

A local lord in Impiltur is accused of being a vampire and his people are ready to rise up against him.




Magic itemsEdit


Man Forever borrows a lot from DC Comics Batman franchise. Agmoth is an anagram of Gotham; Samulbrar, Danik and Falder are Batman, Robin and Alfred respectively (Falder being an anagram of Alfred) and Samulbrar's heraldric emblem is a bat. When editing the article for continuity, George Krashos and Eric L. Boyd didn't notice these facts and merely changed some of the names to sound more Realmsian, but the fact was pointed out at a later date.

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