Dungeons and Dragons Online - more commonly referred to as DDO is an MMORPG, released on February 28th 2006 that is primarily set in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

In June of 2012, DDO released a major Menace of the Underdark expansion that allowed players to travel to the kingdom of Cormyr in the Forgotten Realms.

Players were able to travel from Xen'drik in Eberron to Cormyr where they could explore and adventure in Eveningstar, Wheloon, the Stormhorns, the Thunder Peaks, along the High Road and in Sschindylryn, even getting the chance to travel to the Demonweb Pits and meet Elminster.

Two other adventure packs entitled Druid's Deep and High Road of Shadows allow players in the Realms to venture into the King's Forest and race against the shadovar for one of the Nether Scrolls.