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Dunman Kiriag was a fighter in the village of Eveningstar in the kingdom of Cormyr, and a secret member of the Harpers.[1] He owned and operated The Lonesome Tankard Inn and Tavern.[1]


He was jovial and kind, and was known to have great physical strength.[1] Dunman had a photographic memory for faces. He was easily able to recognized someone he briefly saw decades past, even if they were disguised.[2]


Dunman had a colorful past. He spent time a a bodyguard for a Sembian noble, was an officer of the Purple Dragons, and spent time with the Six Splendid Swords adventuring band.[2]


Dunman married one of his companions from the Six Splendid Swords, the gold elf Deularla Hightower of Evermeet.[2]


Dunman owned a magical dagger and several potions of longevity.[1][2]



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