High Priest Dunn Tenwealth served as Torm's pontiff in Tantras before and during the Time of Troubles and was member of the city's High Council. Right after the starting of the Avatar Crisis in the Realms Dunn discovered one of the Tablets of Fate in the basement of his temple; meantime the god Torm incarnated in an avatar in Tantras and tell to his devotes that his arrive was caused by the theft of the Tablets. Dunn not tell to Torm that he had one of the Tablet but instead with the other senior members of the church decided that the arrive of their god was the signal that Tantras was the Torm's chosen city and they need convert or eliminate the other churches. So they secretly payed assassins to destroy all the other's gods temples and later kill all the faithful to other gods that not escape the city. Dunn's secret project was more big, he dreamed to unite all Tantras' citizens under Torm and at this point with the Tablet he had found they marched to reclaim the right Torm' s divine plane. Unfortunately for Dunn the god Torm started to suspect something and later the heroes Adon, Midnight and Kelemvor Lyonsbane, just arrived in the city to advise about an Zhent invasion from god Bane, investigated the destruction of the other temples; the heroes were searching the Tablet that they known Bane had hidden in the city, and this was also the reason of the impeding invasion. In the end Bane to powered himself consumed all the assassins in the Realms, so Dunn and his conspirators for kill a recently discovered cell of worshipers of Oghma recruited some comune people for the dirty work but the god Torm and the heroes having discovered the entire plot easily subdued the inexpert killers and soon confronted Dunn. Dunn and the other senior members of the church explained that was all did in the name of Torm and they not had bad intention but the god disgusted ordered to put them in prison. Soon arrived Bane and the zhent troops and Torm to face him decided to absorb all the souls of his worshipers, but at first he not want the soul of Dunn and his associates; at last Torm understand that they were only misgiven and only need pardon, so absorb also their souls and Dunn and the senior members of the church joined their god's power. With all the souls' power Torm and Bane killed each other.[2]


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