Durbela was a Shadovar captain in Anauroch in 1479 DR.[1]


In 1479 DR, Durbela was a veteran Shadovar warrior and was transformed into a shade as a reward for his service. He was chosen to lead the mission to gain control of the Spiral Gate, a crucial portal nexus.[1]

However, a group of Sand Kings recovered one of the scroll fragments needed to activate the portal to the Spiral Gate, and Durbela went with his troops to thieve it from, during which time he met some adventurers. He offered to hire the adventurers to fight against the Sand Kings.[1]


Durbela usually had an unpleasant demeanor but softened this side with people allied with Thultanthar. He was very loyal to his allies. However, his first loyalty was always to Netheril itself.[1]


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