Durnan the Sixth was the innkeeper of the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep in the 1470s DR. He was a direct descendant of Durnan, the inn's original founder.[1]


Much like his ancestor, Durnan held the adventuring profession in high regard, and welcomed all sorts to his inn. However, he did not abide violence nor other shady activities from his patrons, and was not above using violence himself to enforce his few policies.[1]

Durnan had a healthy respect for the dangers of Undermountain, and together with his wife he actively tried to dissuade his children from entering that dark place.[1]


The Yawning Portal's taproom contained a well that led directly down into Undermountain, and Durnan the Sixth happily continued the tradition started by his ancestor of lowering willing patrons down the well for ten gold pieces per head.[1]


Durnan was married to Kelsie, his best friend since childhood. Together they had nine children, the oldest of whom were Durnan the Seventh and Minuet.[1]


Despite having been gone for nearly a century, the original Durnan mysteriously returned one day, taking up his old place behind the bar of the Yawning Portal. He paid his descendant a substantial sum to purchase the inn back, allowing him to quietly retire.[2]



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