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Durpar was a merchant kingdom of the Shining Lands in Southeast Faerûn that rested to the southeast of Veldorn, separated from Estagund by the Curna Mountains. The capital port-city of Vaelan was located near the western shores of the Golden Water. Verdant farms surrounded the Golden Water and the shoreline was given to the mansions of the luxury-loving ruling merchant elite of the kingdom. Inns in Durpar were worth visiting as there were nightly entertainments in every house. All foreigners were welcome, so long as they had wealth and knew how to conduct themselves.[citation needed]


Durpar received and traded in goods from all across Toril. It was possible to find a much wider selection of items in Durpar than virtually anywhere else in Faerûn.[2]


Durparian traders were highly skilled compared to others on Toril and liked to use their trading skills. In general they detested fraudulent or thieving behavior.[2]


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4th Edition D&D

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