The Durpari, or Durparians[1], were a human ethnicity populating the coast of the Golden Water, including Durpar, Estagund, and Var the Golden.[2] They also comprised significant minorities in Mulhorand, Murghôm, Semphar, and the Shaar as late as the 14th century DR.[3] They were somewhat short and swarthy and followed the Adama.[2]


The Durpari dwelt in the southeast of Faerûn before the empire of Imaskar, but when that civilization fell, the Durpari were thrust into a dark age during which the Mulhorandi hunted their tribes for slaves. The Mulan later turned their attention to defense against Narfell and Raumathar, and the Durpari founded their first kingdoms in −623 DR. The Durpari then traded in peace for the next two thousand years, with the exception of Reinhar I of Dambrath occupying Estagund for a time in 551 DR.[2]


The Durpari language was a mixture of Draconic, Mulhorandi, and Rauric, using the Thorass alphabet.[2] After Unther's destruction in the Spellplague, Untheric became widely spoken in Durpar and Estagund.[4]



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