A durzagon was the offspring of a devil and duergar.[1]


Sometimes, a devil would secretly breed with a duergar. The result was a half-fiend whose birth was celebrated in both the Hells and Duergar society.[1] Durzagon were among the forces of the duergar city Gracklstugh during the duergar attack on Menzoberranzan in 1372 DR.[2]


Durzagon were taller than both dwarves and duergar, averaging about 5 ft. (1.5 m) They were usually rust-colored and bald with a red-streaked grey beard.[1]


Durzagon tended to be revered by their peers as powerful leaders. The durgazon themselves concealed their true heritage either from ignorance or deliberate secrecy to keep knowledge of their powers from their enemies.[1]


A durzagon's beard quills contained a sulfuric poison that physically weakened foes.[1] Their resistances were a cross between both devils[3] and demons[4] with a resistance to fire, cold, electricity, and acid. They were also immune to poison.[1]




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