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The Dustwall Mountains; also called the Dustwalls[1], Mountains of War, or Mountains of Adama[2]; separated southern Raurin from northern Durpar in the Shining South. They were so named because they protected Durpar from the turbulent sandstorms that ravaged the Raurin desert.[3]


The Dustwall Mountains averaged 15,000 ft. (4600 m) high, making them one of the tallest mountain ranges in all of Toril. The highest peak of the Dustwall mountains, Adama's Wrath, soared over 22,000 ft. (6700 m) into the air.[3]

Iron ore was plentiful in the Dustwalls, attracting dwarven miners who were not scared by the presence of orcs, though they took care to avoid the dangerous orcs whenever possible.[2]


Orcs were the most numerous creature to be found in the mountains, a fact that helped spawn the name "Mountains of War." The scary fact was that the orcs far outnumbered the entire population of the Shining Lands. An orc raiding party numbering 5,000 strong was not unheard of near the Mountains of War. Because of the constant threat of attack from the orcs, both Flyndagol in Durpar and Suormpar in Ulgarth hired mercenaries to supplement their standing forces.[2]

Several dangerous species of monsters inhabited the mountains as well; including cyclops, wyverns, giants, orges, and even rakshasa.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

It was rumored that the Dustwall Mountains rose during the cataclysm that destroyed the Raurin empire.[3]




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