The Dusty Hoof was an inn and tavern located on the east side of Northstorm Street at the six-way intersection of the Walk in Scornubel.[1]


The building was long and narrow with high ceilings. The basement contained the kitchen and gaming rooms, the street level was the tap room, and the dining room, which was closed at night, was on the upper level. Rooms for rent occupied the three floors above this. None but the rooms at the front of the building had windows. The cellars beneath the building were supposed to link up with dry sewers and were apparently used for smuggling.[1]


Its patrons were mainly drovers and caravan wagonfolk. Most of the clientele used the place merely to eat and sleep, so there was little violence.[1]

Food and drinkEdit

A selection of roasts, stews and vegetables were on offer, including the specialty "hoof soup", which was supposedly made by boiling up the hooves of the local livestock. Portion sizes were large. Ale, wine, sherry, and mead were offered as drinks.[1]


  • Ale for 3 cp per tankard.
  • Wine, sherry, and mead for 1 sp per flagon.
  • Meals for 2 gp per serving.



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