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Duvessa Shane was the speaker of Bryn Shander in 1485 DR.[1]


Duvessa was the daughter of a Waterdhavian trader and a woman of Icewind Dale.

In time, she became the speaker of Bryn Shander and leader of the Ten Towns's council. In 1485 DR, with many threats to the dale arising, Duvessa met and befriended a trader from Waterdeep, Vaelish Gant, who soon became her unofficial political aide. On Eleint 23 of that year, an election was called for the position of speaker and Duvessa ran for reelection. What she did not know was that Vaelish was secretly a wizard from Arcane Brotherhood who plotted to replace her and had engineered some of the troubles in the dale. Vaelish's plan was to kidnap Duvessa on election day and afterward propose himself as a stronger leader.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

It is possible that, in order to fight Akar Kessell and Hedrun Arnsfirth more efficiently, the players can permit Vaelish's plan to ruin Duvessa's political career to be successful.


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