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Dwahvel Tiggerwillies was a halfling woman and a cousin of Dondon Tiggerwillies. She was the guildmistress of a halfling guild based in Calimport, and the proprietor of the Copper Ante. She did not entertain many who were not halflings.

She was very good at procuring information, and was used frequently for this purpose by Artemis Entreri. She informed Artemis about his situation when he was "kelp-enwalled", and when Merle Pariso, a battle mage from the Basadoni Guild, sought to kill him.[1]

Artemis Entreri considered her as a friend (his first real friend) and spoke openly with her, sharing opinions and thoughts that he shared with nobody else. She helped Artemis with his plan to escape from Calimport by obtaining information about Cadderly Bonaduce, feeding misinformation to Sharlotta Vespers, and by procuring a copy of the Crenshinibon.[2]


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