Morndinsamman (dwarven: "shield brothers on high" or "high dwarves") was the collective name of the fourteen deities that formed the dwarven pantheon.[1] The members were:

The majority of the Morndinsamman resided in Dwarfhome (when it was still located on Mount Celestia) under the leadership of Moradin, creator of the dwarves. Duerra and Laduguer lived in Hammergrim, having been exiled by Moradin. In 1383 DR, Moradin led the Morndinsamman on a crusade against the dark powers of Hammergrim, slaying Duerra and Laduguer, but at the cost of Gorm and Haela.[2]

As of 1479 DR, only Moradin, Berronar, Clangeddin, Dugmaren, Marthammor, Thard and Vergadain remains in Dwarfhome.[3] Abbathor is serving Bane as an exarch and the status of Dumathoin and Sharindlar is unknown.



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