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Eagles were large, majestic birds of prey that were often seen as symbols of nobility or as divine messengers.


They were generally larger than other birds, with a powerful build and heavier head and beak. They possess broad wings allowing for faster flight. Eagles weighed between 8 and 15 pounds with an average wingspan of 7 feet.[citation needed]


Eagles build their nests on tall trees or high cliffs. These nests were called eyries.[citation needed]


Eagles hunted their prey from the sky using their enhanced vision, which enabled them to see small animals from great distances away. They captured food with their long talons and powerful beaks.[citation needed]

Types of eaglesEdit

In cultureEdit

Eagles were often used in the names of places, families, and organizations. It was also used in spell and item names, such as eagle's splendor.

Place names
Family names
Organization names




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