Earth's End was an isolated Underdark town located 20 miles (32 km) beneath northeastern Halruaa. The town contained a number of portals and a passageway that led to the Underchasm. Some of the portals did nothing other than let in light from aboveground and some let in water and fresh air from the Elemental Chaos. There were also portals to Root Hold and the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[1]


Earthsoul genasi were common in the town and made up most of the town guard. The mayor was always a genasi. The humans of the town were less common but most were powerful wizards. There were also a small number of dwarves and earth elementals in the town.[1]


The establishment date of the town was unknown but during the Spellplague a group of seven human wizards sought refuge in the city. The wizards set about to make the town more habitable to humans by creating passageways through the rock and to the surface via the Underchasm.[1]


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