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The Earthroot was a vast domain in the Underdark. Since it lay beneath the Unapproachable East - buried deep below Thay and the Sunrise Mountains few people knew of its existence and even fewer explorers mapped its tunnels and caves.[citation needed]

In its northern reaches, it was a frigid area containing numerous ice formations and caves. It southern portions extended beneath Raurin, the Dust Desert.[citation needed]

The Earthroot was home to the Drow society of Undrek'Thoz, as well as the duergar realm of Fraaszummdin. It also harbored the ruins of the ancient empires of Nar, Raumathar and Imaskar once built in and around the region of the Dust Desert. These empires ranked among the oldest human civilizations of Faerûn. The most mysterious and greatest hidden realm in the Earthroot was the realm of Deep Imaskar itself. It lay below the Endless Wastes in the most eastern part of the Earthroot.[citation needed]



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