An earth genasi, also known as an earthsoul genasi,[5] was a type of genasi that was able to harness the power of the earth.[1][2]


Earth genasi came in many physical shapes and appearances. Many carried obvious traits of the Elemental Plane of Earth, such as blocky features or earthlike skin, but others had earthlike features that were less apparent.[2]

Earth genasi were usually born from the union between a dao and a humanoid, from two earth genasi, or from humanoid parents with a dao somewhere in their ascendancy. They could also result from exposure to elemental energy.[1]


Earth genasi were able to harness the power of the earth. They had darkvision and were able to pass over the ground without a trace.[3] They said that the earth would speak to them and that they were able to talk back to it.[5]


Earth genasi tended to be strong and tough, but were often stubborn and oblivious.[3] They tended to be indifferent to others of their kind and thus in many cases isolated themselves.[6]


Earth genasi could be found anywhere.[2] However, they were more common in the North near the Spine of the World, where there were portals to the Plane of Earth.[1][3] A small population of earthsoul genasi lived in Mulhorand.[6]

Argentor was a village located in Tethyr that was home to many earth genasi. This was regarded as one of the few settlements that were exclusive to the earthsouled.[5]


The earthsouled worshiped many lords and gods and were not confined to just one.[5] However, common deities worshiped by the earthsouled were Chauntea, Geb, and Grumbar.[6]

Notable earthsoul genasiEdit

  • Cephas, an earth genasi who was given his training in the village of Argentor by two of the Elder's children.[5]





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