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The Eastern Imaskari languages was a collection of languages derived from Imaskari and spoken by the tribes of the eastern parts of the Hordelands.[1][2]


The Eastern Imaskari languages were nasal languages and spoken in the back of the throat. Long i and e sounds were drawn out.[3]


Chuchian, Gurri, Oigur, Quirish, and Zamogedi were commonly placed in this grouping.[1][2] Two dialects of Chuchian,[4] Fankiang and Khaghun, were distinct enough to sometimes be considered full languages of this group.[1][2] Oigur and Quirish were also sometimes grouped with the Southern Imaskari languages.[1][2] Gurri, the language of the Gurs, was so influenced by Halardrim as to be considered a creole and not a true language of the Eastern Imaskari group.[2]

All of the tribes speaking these languages were located along the border of Shou Lung, north of the Kora Shan.[1]


While Gurri made use of the Thorass script,[5] most of the other Eastern Imaskari languages did not have a written alphabet.[2]


All of these tongues had a common ancestor in ancient Imaskari, or Roushoum, and were strongly influenced by the Shou Chiang languages.[1]



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