Easting was a small town east of Iriaebor, hence its name.


Easting was typical of such small communities. However, three things set it apart from other similar (and often unnoticed) communities throughout the Western Heartlands. While other communities might have a notable product, a significant nonhuman population, or a famed inhabitant, they rarely had all three like Easting did. Easting’s small size and location made it a meeting spot for dwarven merchants working out of hidden delves in the Far Hills.

Their smith work was above the human average, and individuals wishing to contact such craftsmen, or to contact dwarven communities, usually started in Easting. Easting was the home of Rulthaven the Sage, whose area of expertise lay in the study of plants and their uses, including herbs and poisons. Rulthaven was consulted both by priests and representatives from Darkhold.

Finally, Easting was the home of at least four noted horse breeders whose stables did a brisk trade in remounting travelers journeying from the Sword Coast to the Inner Sea. Their prices were competitive.



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