Eastmyr was a district of Menzoberranzan that was primarily home to commoners.[1]


Most commoners, including mercenaries and lesser merchants, lived in this neighborhood. While better than the Braeryn district, Eastmyr was still where you would find many poor and outlaw drow and non-drow of no discernible means.[1]

Notable locationsEdit

House Hunzrin 

The house of the city's primary agricultural family.[2]

House Kenafin[citation needed]
Narbondel's Shadow 

A good but inexpensive inn along the northern cavern wall near the Braeryn. Narbondel's Shadow was run in 1370 DR by Nicholas Tindall, a retired human adventurer who was stranded in Menzoberranzan due to an angry deep dragon. Tindall had good contacts with the city's merchants and shared them with visitors due to his kindhearted, though cynical, nature.[3]


Symeera's was a fine inn run in 1370 DR by Symeera of Neverwinter, a mage of the Many-Starred Cloak guild of Neverwinter, who was stranded in the Underdark two decades previously. Symeera is also well-connected with the city's merchants.[3]


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