Ebi was one of the most powerful yakuza crime lords in Miyama Province in Kozakura in 1357 DR.[1]


Ebi's gang operated in the Miyama capital of Tamanokuni, especially in the Bridge District. Ebi led around 350 yakuza for many decades. On the surface, Ebi posed as a successful shipping merchant. His main business was managing gambling houses and he was tolerated and sometimes supported by samurai of the Niwa clan in exchange for running honest games inside gambling houses and preventing any samurai from ruining themselves with excessive debts.[1]


In 1357 DR, Ebi's gang came in conflict with the recently arrived and more violent yakuza gang led by Musukosan no Hashi. They frequently fought in the streets. The situation reached the point that only one of the two gangs could survive.[1]



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