Ecology is a long-running series of articles in Dragon magazine, focusing on detailed information on various monsters and creatures.

This table lists all of the articles, but not all articles are within Realms canon, and therefore some don't contain links or citation templates.


Creature Issue Author Citation template
Aboleth 131 Brandon Grist [template]
Actaeon 190 Aidan Doyle [template]
Adventurer 342 Tony Moseley [template]
Amphisbaena 215 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Ankheg 117 Mark Feil [template]
Annis 345 F. Wesley Schneider [template]
Ape, carnivorous 133 David Howery [template]
Aspis 260 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Aurumvorax 132 Mark Feil [template]
Bag of devouring 271 Kevin N. Haw [template]
Basilisk 81 Ed Greenwood [template]
Behir 156 Tony Jones [template]
Behir 333 Eric Cagle [template]
Beholder 76 Ed Greenwood and Roger E. Moore [template]
Bird maiden 218 Paul Culotta [template]
Black pudding 219 Johnathan Richards [template]
Bulette 74 Chris Elliot and Richard Edwards [template]
Carrion crawler 267 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Catoblepas 73 Chris Elliot and Richard Edwards [template]
Cave fisher 135 Timothy Lethbridge [template]
Chimera 94 Ed Greenwood [template]
Chitine 223 Belinda G. Ashley [template]
Choker 323 Eric Cagle [template]
Chuul 330 Mike Mearls [template]
Clockwork horror 350 Eric Cagle [template]
Cockatrice 95 Ed Greenwood [template]
Crystal spider 221 Rudy Thauberger [template]
Cyclopskin 254 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Dakon 187 Nick Parenti [template]
Darkmantle 275 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Dark one 322 Paul Leach [template]
Death knight 360 Matthew Sernett [template]
Deva 374 Chris Sims [template]
Devourer 355 Owen K.C. Stephens [template]
Displacer beast 109 Bill Mickelson [template]
Doppelganger 80 Fraser Sherman [template]
Dracolich 344 Richard Pett and Greg A. Vaughan [template]
Draconian 339 Cam Banks [template]
Dragon 146 Jean Rabe and Skip Williams [template]
Dragon, red 134 Gregg Sharp [template]
Dragon, steel Annual 3 Jay Knioum [template]
Dragonborn 365 Chris Sims [template]
Drider 312 Paul Leach [template]
Dryad 87 Shaun Wilson [template]
Dungeon 211 Buck Deason Holmes [template]
Elemental weird 347 Michael Trice [template]
Ettercap 343 Paul Leach and Russell Brown [template]
Ettin 92 Ed Greenwood [template]
Eye of the deep 93 Ed Greenwood [template]
Feyr Annual 5 Kevin N. Haw [template]
Fire archon 361 Matthew Sernett [template]
Firenewt 257 Paul F. Culotta [template]
Flail snail 258 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Flind 173 Spike Y. Jones [template]
Flumph 246 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Galeb duhr 172 Robert Isaacson [template]
Gargoyle 423 Jeff LaSala [template]
Gas spore 120 Ed Greenwood [template]
Gelantinous cube 124 Ed Greenwood [template]
Genasi 367 Rodney Thompson [template]
Ghoul 252 Wolfgang Baur [template]
Giant strider 257 Paul F. Culotta [template]
Gibbering mouther 160 Nigel D. Findley [template]
Gorbel 270 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Gorgon 97 Ed Greenwood [template]
Gray ooze Annual 4 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Greenhag 125 Nigel D. Findley [template]
Green hag 331 F. Wesley Schneider [template]
Griffon 161 Christopher Kederich [template]
Grimlock 327 Mark A. Hart [template]
Gulguthra 96 Ed Greenwood [template]
Harpy 115 Barbara E. Curtis and Ed Greenwood [template][template]
Hengeyokai 404 Tim Eagon [template]
Hippocampus 273 Margaret S. Lundock and Ramsay Lundock [template]
Hobgoblin 309 Terry Edwards [template]
Hook horror 131 Michael Persinger [template]
Hydra 272 Johnathan Richards [template]
Inevitable 341 David Noonan [template]
Iron cobra 164 Spike Y. Jones [template]
Ironmaw 308 Skip Williams [template]
Ixitxachitl 85 Ed Greenwood [template]
Jermlaine 262 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Kaorti 358 James Jacobs [template]
Kappa 151 David R. Knowles [template]
Kech 142 Tony Jones [template]
Keeper 353 Todd Stewart [template]
Kenku 329 Eric Cagle [template]
Kobold 332 Mat Smith [template]
Kopru 354 Tito Leati [template]
Korred 119 Ed Greenwood [template]
Kraken 334 Richard Pett [template]
Kruthik 430 Tim Eagon [template]
Lamia 192 Spike Y. Jones [template]
Lammasu 224 Belinda G. Ashley [template]
Leech, giant 123 Anthony Gerard [template]
Leucrotta 91 Ed Greenwood [template]
Linnorm 356 Jacob Frazier [template]
Lizardfolk 335 Amber E. Scott and F. Wesley Schneider [template]
Maedar 106 Ed Greenwood [template]
Manticore 153 Spike Y. Jones [template]
Mimic 75 Ed Greenwood [template]
Mind flayer 78 Roger Moore [template]
Minotaur 116 Anthony Gerard [template]
Modron 414 Brian R. James [template]
Mongrelman 242 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Mooncalf 340 Owen K.C. Stephens [template]
Mummy 300 Terry Edwards [template]
Naga, dark 261 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Neogi 214 Jon Winter [template]
Neogi 427 Jeff Morgenroth [template]
Neo-otyugh 96 Ed Greenwood [template]
Night hag 324 F. Wesley Schneider [template]
Nymph 240 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Ochre jelly 104 Ed Greenwood [template]
Ogre mage 349 Tim Hitchcock [template]
Osquip 227 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Otyugh 96 Ed Greenwood [template]
Owlbear 214 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Penanggalan 222 Paul F. Culotta [template]
Pernicon 108 John Nephew [template]
Peryton 82 Nigel Findley [template]
Picklebug 120 Rick Reid [template]
Piercer 72 Chris Elliot and Richard Edwards [template]
Plant, carnivorous 137 Gregg Chamberlain [template]
Pseudodragon 269 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Purple worm 282 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Rakshasa 326 Eric Cagle [template]
Remorhaz 114 Kurt Martin and Ed Greenwood [template]
Roper 232 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Rot grub 122 Ed Greenwood [template]
Rust monster 88 Ed Greenwood [template]
Rust monster 346 Nicholas Hudson and Nicholas Logue [template]
Rust monster 374 Shawn Merwin [template]
Salamander 314 Christopher Campbell [template]
Satyr 155 Gordon R. Menzies [template]
Scorpion, giant 197 Ruth Cooke [template]
Sea lion 107 Ed Greenwood [template]
Shadar-kai 337 Jesse Decker [template]
Shade 126 Dan Salas [template]
Shambling mound Annual 2 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Sharn 373 Brian R. James [template]
Sheet phantom 276 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Slithering tracker 86 Ed Greenwood [template]
Spawn of Kyuss 336 James Jacobs [template]
Spectator 139 Dougal Demokopoliss [template]
Spell weaver 338 Tito Leati [template]
Sphinx 244 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Steeder 245 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Stirge 83 Ed Greenwood [template]
Stirge 239 Tim Richardson [template]
Su-monster 167 Matthew Schutt [template]
Tarrasque 359 Ed Greenwood and Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Titan 357 Nicholas Logue [template]
Trapper 84 Ed Greenwood [template]
Treant 79 Susan Lawson [template]
Troglodyte 235 Spike Y. Jones [template]
Troll 301 Paul Leach [template]
Umber hulk 152 Tony Jones [template]
Unicorn 77 Roger E. Moore [template]
Wemic 157 J.F. Keeping [template]
Wererat 251 Kristin J. Johnson [template]
Wight 348 Graeme Davis [template]
Will-o'-wisp 99 Nigel D. Findley [template]
Will-o'-wisp 328 Amber E. Scott [template]
Wyvern Annual 1 Spike Y. Jones [template]
Xixchil 266 Johnathan M. Richards [template]
Yeti 127 Thomas Kiefer [template]
Yrthak 352 Erik Roelofs [template]
Yuan-ti 151 David Wellman [template]

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