Ector Brahms (pronounced ECK-turr BRAMM)[2] was the ruler of Phlan during the Tyranny of Dragons.


Ector was a stubbornly honorable and stoic man. He knew well what it was like to carry the burden of leadership. Ector was really shocked by Aleyd's death.


Ector served as Knight Commander of the Knights of the Black Fist under the two previous Lords Protector, both of whom died suspiciously. As Lord Regent Ector tried to do well for his city.

In 1489 DR, he luckily survived Vorgansharax's attack on Valjevo Castle, where all the city's leaders were killed. Hiding his true identity, he and many others were kept prisoner by the cultists in the secret prison at Stojanow Gate. Eventually, some adventurers aided by Black Fists loyalists led by Aleyd Burral defeated the cultist guards and Ector broke free.[3] Being shocked by Aleyd's death he agreed to escape from the city in order to reorganize his troops against cultists and so helped by adventurers he tried to escaped using the sewers[4] However he died during the escape.[5]




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