An efreeti bottle was a powerful magical item in which an efreeti was entrapped.[1] It was thus a variety of genie prison.[3]


Efreeti bottles were usually crafted from brass or bronze and had a stopper made of lead and marked with mystical seals. Very often, the stopper did not prevent steam or smoke from escaping constantly from the heat of the efreeti trapped within. The bottle weighed about a pound (half a kilogram).[1]

Efreeti bottles emitted a strong conjuration aura that could be detected by the proper magics.[1]

In most lands, an efreeti bottle might sell for the exorbitant price of 145,000 gold pieces.[1] While Calishites generally feared genies and avoided summoning magics,[4] efreeti bottles were still common enough in Calimshan that one could find them there for ten percent of that cost.[5]


An efreeti bottle could only be opened once per day. When opened, the fire genie within was temporarily released and was compelled to serve his or her master completely for up to ten minutes before returning to the prison of the bottle.[1]

Use of the bottle by an owner could be dangerous, however, because the time trapped in a bottle in solitary confinement could drive an efreeti insane. Roughly one in ten times that an efreeti bottle was opened, the efreeti would instead attack his or her master and seek to escape.[1]

It was equally likely for efreet so summoned to offer three wishes in exchange for their freedom.[1]


Only a very powerful spellcaster could fashion an efreeti bottle, and the caster had to know how to summon monsters in order to call forth an efreeti to entrap.[1]

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