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Ejen Horo, or the Valley of the God, was a vale located between the Mountains of Copper and the Khopet Dag within the Hordelands.[1]


Blessed with good weather, Ejen Horo was a lush garden-like valley that offered plentiful hunting as many animals were drawn to the bountiful vegetation. Small lakes dotted the landscape, courtesy of the plentiful rainfall experienced in the valley.[1]


Sacred to the Tuigan, this large valley was believed to be the birthplace of their great nation. They vigorously defended the entire valley from intruders.[1]

The natives of the Hordelands used this valley to hold their annual couralitai meetings. Honored dead of the Tuigan were also buried within the valley.[1]


Though physically beautiful, Ejen Horo could be a dangerous place since many spirits wandered the land. Usually their wrath was only reserved from those who attempted to rob burial mounds.[1]

A special group of Tuigan priests called the Irooukudel lived within the valley to oversee the care for the deceased.[1]



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