High Whirlwind Fida'iya yr Iamar, commonly known as el Sadhara, "the Desert Rose", was an exceptionally powerful priestess of Akadi who had been mummified. She resided at the Altar of the Air and was said to possess many treasures.

She was also reported to believe that she was the lover of the djinni lord Calim. In addition, she thought that Calim and Akadi were the same being.


From the Eighth Age of Calimshan, Fida'iya was an airwalker, a special priest of the goddess Akadi. Sometime before the Time of Troubles, she was mummified so that she could continue to guard the Altar of the Air, a shrine to Akadi in the ruined djinni military fortress of Dashadjen, which remained from the time of the Era of Skyfire. For centuries, she went by the Alzhedo title "el Sadhara", which translated as "the desert rose".[1]

El Sadhara believed that Calim was in fact a manifestation of the goddess Akadi as well as being her lover.[1] She stored up many powerful treasures for him in Dashadjen, in hopes to restore them to him at his return to power.[2] She believed that he would grant her immense power in return for her service to him. Despite her delusion, she remained a powerful priestess; the actual source of her power, whether Akadi or perhaps Calim, was unknown.[1]



  1. 1.0 1.1 Even though el Sadhara is a worshiper of a true neutral deity, she is reported in two source books to be of lawful evil alignment. It is presumed that she was actually neutral evil in alignment, but the alignments from the source books have been reported here.


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