Elanil Elassidil was a famous bard and the Herald of Elventree, holding the office of "Moonsilver" around 1367 DR.[1]


She had a ready wit but a quick temper, and kept abreast of all goings-on in Elventree. Although reticent about speaking with strangers, she had a reputation for honesty.[1]

Elanil was strong and confident in her abilities. She was not afraid to give her opinion on a subject, even when not asked. Usually, Elanil quickly gave historical details to support her opinions against those that did not back their opinions with similar evidence. She was able to calm all situations with a single song. Elanil had great diplomatic skill.[2]


Elanil lived in Elventree and acted as a Herald for the area by 1367 DR.[1]

During the Rage of Demons[as of when?], she was worried about numerous drow arriving on the surface and, with the help of Seranolla of the Emerald Enclave and Zern Xerkstil, she hired an adventuring party to investigate the matter. From a drow prisoner she captured, Elanil discovered that the drow were fleeing Szith Morcane after a fire giant army from Maerimydra occupied the outpost. The adventurers' mission was to find and free the archmage Solom Ned'razak.[3] Later she hired an adventuring party to face her ancestor Meira Faerenduil in a false battle disguised as Netherese in order to made pace to her spirit[4]

The last experience fully convinced Elanil to support a political change inside Hillsfar. So after gaining support from the Hillsfar's Rogue's Guild she gathered at The Stop village an adventuring party and hired them to infiltrate the First Lord's Midsummer Masquerade ballet in order to collect intelligence about the city's leaders.[5]

From that mission Elanil discovered about a trip of the First Lord to Yulash. However a patrol of Red Plumes led by Malkyn Grenefeld arrived at Elventree. Elanil escaped to the Plodding Plow, in the village of The Stop, hoping to find someone to trust and told that vital information. She entrusted an adventuring party with the inflation and escaped again.[6]

Later Elanil gathered in Sporedome as many factions as possible in order to plan an assault to Maerimydra to defeat for good the fire giants.[7]


During the Rage of Demons, she was a member of the Harpers and acted as a diplomat for them.[2]. She was descendent of Meira Faerenduil, Ghost knight of Myth Drannor[4]




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