Elbereth was an elf and the king of Shilmista.[1]


He was the son of Galladel and grandson of Dellanil Quil'quien.[2]


Elbereth was around five and a half feet tall, weighing approximately 110 pounds,[note 1] with striking black hair and piercing silver eyes that were "almost eerie".[2] Elbereth was also very muscular and a good hand-to-hand combatant.[citation needed]


Elbereth, being an elf, possessed great speed and agility. He was an accomplished swordfighter, being better than his father and most other elves. He, on his powerful steed Temmerisa, could often out-run other horses. One of his main weaknesses was that he preferred to do things alone; he was not a good team captain, in short. He owned a longsword of sharpness that glowed with blue flame.[1]



  1. Cadderly is described as being "at least 80 pounds heavier" than the elf. Cadderly's weight is recorded as just under 200 pounds, which puts Elbereth at approximately 110 pounds.


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