Elden Mymn was a priest of Kelemvor in Phlan in 1489 DR.


Elden was a patient and quiet individual. He preferred to stay in the background. He was very devoted to his god. Knowing that he had just started his path, Elden was deferential to his seniors.


Elden was a young acolyte at the Temple of Kelemvor in Phlan. In 1489 DR, he was instructed to care for the madman Yip.[1]

Survived the Vorgansharax's coup he went in exile. Around 1492 DR Mymm joined the reclamation army of Jhessail Greycastle with the objective of found the body of his master Yovir Glandon. However Glandon somehow, likely with the help of the Dark Powers of Ravenloft, had risen as vampire and only thank of some adventurers Mymm gave final peace to Glandon.[2]




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